Control and Electronic Equipment

As Nilus Engineering, we provide you with the necessary control and electronic equipment to ensure that your robotic systems can fulfil their tasks with the highest functionality and efficiency. With the happiness of being able to respond to your needs quickly, we offer you the equipment you want before 24 hours to open the doors to the optimised execution of your robotic processes.

Control Systems

Robots used in automotive and industrial areas have complex control systems. These systems control the movements, speeds, positions and similar parameters of the robots. As Nilus Engineering, with our great passion for ensuring your success, we provide you with all kinds of control equipment required to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your robotic systems with the highest efficiency in order to increase the efficiency of your production lines and product quality.


Sensors and laser scanners are used in the logistics and health sector to enable robots to perceive their surroundings. You can also benefit from our sensors by contacting us to meet such needs of your robotic systems for motion detection.

Control Panels

Thanks to control panels, you can monitor and control the movements of robots through operators. In this way, you can follow the working processes of your robots, diagnose errors and make the necessary adjustments.