Nilus Engineering is one of the leading companies in the field of robotics and automation, leading the way in innovation and technological growth. Our path shows our determination to push the boundaries of what is possible with intelligent robots, smart designs and state-of-the-art robot infrastructure technology. With our team of experts, we increase productivity by making a lasting impact in industries around the world.

Our diversified and comprehensive portfolio includes a wide range of robotic solutions. From the complexity of delta robots to the adaptability of collaborative robots and the precision of multi-axis robots, we are constantly at the forefront of technological advancement. There are no limits to this innovative attitude, as we reach out to our customers all over the world, providing round-the-clock support for a wide range of needs such as project development, retrofits, commissioning, maintenance and comprehensive training.

At Nilus Engineering, we believe that robotics can revolutionise a wide range of industries. Our robot applications range from revolutionising food processing operations, to ensuring the quality and safety of automotive production, to pushing the boundaries of healthcare and medicine, which play a critical role in improving the accuracy of welding processes and quality of life. Our pride stems from our partnerships with Turkey’s largest organisations and world-renowned industry leaders in sectors ranging from white goods to aerospace.

We maintain the highest quality standards in everything we do, setting the industry standard for excellence. Quality assurance is not just part of our purpose; it is in our DNA. As Nilus Engineering, we continually strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by producing solutions that demonstrate our commitment to quality.

At its core, Nilus Engineering is more than a business. It is a transformative force, a global catalyst for change. Our reach is unlimited and our commitment to innovation and excellence is boundless. We are carefully building the future of robotics and industry, making an indelible impact on the world of technology and innovation with a game-changing system every time.