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Assembly and Transport Solutions

With our multi-axis robotic technologies and automation systems, we offer the safest and highest quality services for your assembly and handling needs in many different areas. In addition to accelerating your production processes with our smart solutions that can be diversified according to specific needs, we help you stand out from your competitors by guaranteeing quality increase to our customers.

Control and Electronic Equipment

As Nilus Engineering, we provide you with the necessary control and electronic equipment to ensure that your robotic systems can fulfil their tasks with the highest functionality and efficiency. With the happiness of being able to respond to your needs quickly, we offer you the equipment you want before 24 hours to open the doors to the optimised execution of your robotic processes.

Robot Spare Parts

As Nilus Engineering, with our wide range of products, we provide you with all the mechanical, electronic and software components you need to use your robotic systems with peace of mind for a long time, and in this way, we offer you the key to use your vehicles efficiently for a much longer time.

Robot Programming

As Nilus Engineering, with our long years of experience in the fields of industrial automation and robotic solutions, we are proud to find solutions for all kinds of needs of our valued customers in the field of robot programming, which is one of the cornerstones of industrial automation and allows robots to successfully perform the specified tasks.

Our Customers

Innovative Mindset,
Perfectionist Collaborations

As Nilus Engineering, we offer solutions to increase productivity and quality by providing project, design, application, maintenance & repair and spare parts supply in the fields of robot, automation, electricity and consultancy with 20 years of experience in various sectors.

By using our knowledge and experience in the industry, we make a difference in the field by commissioning projects that are said to be impossible to be done by the peers in the sector and we contribute to Turkey's industry with new technologies.

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