What is Scara Robot?

What is SCARA Robot? The first robot type I will tell you about is Scara, which consists of the words Selective Compliance Assembly Robotic Arm. In Turkish, it means Selective Compliance Assembly Robotic Arm. Thanks to SCARA’s parallel axis joint placement, the arm is slightly compliant in the XY direction but does not flex in the ‘Z’ direction, so it is Selective Compliance. The second feature of SCARA is the articulated two-link arm arrangement, similar to our human arms, hence the often used term Articulated. This feature allows the arm to extend into limited areas and then retract or “fold”. This is advantageous for transferring parts from one cell to another or loading/unloading closed process stations. Features of the Scara Type Robot The general features of the Scara robot are as follows: – Accuracy – High speed – Easy assembly – Precision – High efficiency and of course being economical. Areas of use are generally; – Transport / Relocation – Cutting / Separation – Measurement / Control – Pick and place – Assembly / Placement – Packaging / Palletising – Clean Room Applications

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