Assembly and Transport Solutions

With our multi-axis robotic technologies and automation systems, we offer the safest and highest quality services for your assembly and handling needs in many different areas. In addition to accelerating your production processes with our smart solutions that can be diversified according to specific needs, we help you stand out from your competitors by guaranteeing quality increase to our customers.

endüstriyel robotlar



Optimise the work of your assembly line workers in the most efficient way by using our innovative applications including robotic arms, automation systems and conveyor lines to assemble parts in the correct sequence and move them quickly during the vehicle production process.


Use our automated assembly lines, surface mount technology and soldering machines to assemble integrated circuits, speeding up your electronics operations, making them more efficient and minimising the error rate.

Building and Construction

Build structures made of steel, concrete and other materials as quickly and efficiently as possible with the help of our lifting equipment and transport pallets, utilising our assembly and transport solutions.


You can utilise our automated storage systems for the storage of fabric rolls. You can also use our transport conveyors and palletising machines to ensure the fastest transport of fabrics in and out of the factory, and with the help of our assembly lines, you can benefit from increased production quality and speed while reducing labour costs.


Manage your warehouse inventory in the best way with our automated warehouse management systems. Open the doors to an error-free and efficient process by speeding up in-warehouse processes such as material tracking, order preparation and storage space.

As Nilus Engineering, we are always with you on your journey of excellence. We know that our smart assembly and handling solutions are only one step in this journey and with the help of our complementary services, we lead you to stand out from your competitors by optimising all your operational processes.






We are behind you at every point with the solutions we offer. If you encounter an obstacle in your processes, you can contact us on our WhatsApp line and get support. As Nilus Engineering, we look forward to introducing you to the world of the future with our many years of experience.