Sealer Solutions

You can keep your products fresh by protecting them from external factors such as air, moisture, dust and light thanks to our sealer solutions that introduce your products that need to be protected from environmental conditions with high sealing. With our sealer solutions that you can benefit from in many different sectors, you can enjoy an ideal customer experience with a safe packaging while maintaining the quality of your products.



Utilise our sealer solutions to seal your food and beverage products, such as vacuum packaging, jar lids and packaging bags, to ensure your food stays fresh for a long time, while achieving a high level of safety with high hygiene standards.


Stand out in your sector with your unrivalled quality thanks to our sealer solutions that meet the sealing and hygiene needs of medical products such as medical device packaging and sterilisation pouches.


You can benefit from our sealer solutions for the packaging and protection of your products in the textile industry. With the help of waterproof packaging, airtight storage bags and garment hanger bags, you can guarantee that your products reach the customer as you delivered them.


By utilising our sealer solutions, you can meet the waterproofing and dustproofing requirements of your electronic products while maximising customer satisfaction through high sealing.


With our sealer solutions, you can achieve a high level of sealing in your cosmetic product containers, protecting your products from external factors and extending their shelf life.

As Nilus Engineering, with the competence brought by our rich experience, we guarantee that your products reach the customer as delivered and help you stand out among your competitors with your quality.





We are behind you at every point with the solutions we offer. If you encounter an obstacle in your processes, you can contact us on our WhatsApp line and get support. As Nilus Engineering, we look forward to introducing you to the world of the future with our many years of experience.