PLC Solutions

As Nilus Engineering, we consider it our duty to meet all kinds of needs of institutions and organisations in industrial automation systems. With our programmable PLC solutions for the control and automation of complex industrial processes, we aim to increase your efficiency and productivity in many different areas from factory automation to production lines, from treatment plants to power plants.



With our PLC solutions, you can control vehicles such as robots, conveyor belts and cranes used in production lines. You can also choose our PLC solutions to automate production processes and get high efficiency at low costs.

Water Treatment

By using our PLC solutions in the water treatment sector, you can control structures such as filters and pump stations with the help of sensors. Do not miss the opportunity to benefit from our PLC solutions, which play a major role in optimising water treatment processes.

Power Plants

Managing generators, transfarmers, electrical panels and similar equipment is very easy with PLC solutions. You can benefit from our PLC solutions to ensure the safety of electrical systems and manage energy distribution.


Controlling all kinds of smart equipment you need in the automotive industry, from robots in assembly lines to welding machines, from painting plants to other equipment, is possible with our PLC solutions. Contact our PLC solutions for quality guaranteed products.