Collaborative Solutions

As Nilus Engineering, we optimise your operational processes in many different areas with the help of our collaborative robots, also called CoBots, which are part of our collaborative solutions, and put your brand at the top of the innovative world with the guarantee of safety, quality and speed.



Take your productivity to the next level while optimising your production processes with our collaborative robots that will work with your operators in all your assembly line, part pick-and-place, test and inspection processes.


Meet high efficiency and quality by optimising your material handling, unloading, packing and packaging processes with our collaborative robots that work together with your operators while performing your warehouse management operations in the best way by using our collaborative solutions.


With the help of our collaborative solutions, we increase your productivity in the food and agriculture sector while guaranteeing the highest possible level of food hygiene and maximising your safety. With the help of our collaborative robots, you can enjoy high efficiency in your harvesting, food and packaging processes.


You can achieve increased productivity at low cost with our collaborative solutions that will enable your employees to handle heavy work in a much shorter time, with less fatigue. Thanks to our collaborative robots, you can optimise many of your jobs that require physical effort, from concrete pouring to transport and lifting operations, by performing them much faster.


Thanks to our collaborative robots that will support healthcare professionals, you can improve your patient care quality, increase your occupational safety, and perform surgical operations quickly and efficiently. It is possible to achieve a much more effective healthcare system with the help of our collaborative robots in many different areas, including patient care, drug distribution and laboratory operations.

In addition to optimising your operational processes, you can benefit from the collaborative solutions we offer as Nilus Engineering to achieve a much more efficient working environment by increasing employee satisfaction.







We are behind you at every point with the solutions we offer. If you encounter an obstacle in your processes, you can contact us on our WhatsApp line and get support. As Nilus Engineering, we look forward to introducing you to the world of the future with our many years of experience.