As Nilus Engineering, we offer solutions to increase productivity and quality by providing project, design, application, maintenance & repair and spare parts supply in the fields of robotics, automation, electricity and consultancy with 20 years of experience in various sectors.

We make a difference in the field by using our knowledge and experience that we have had for years in Turkey in the industry, commissioning projects that are said to be impossible to be done by the peers in the sector and contribute to the Turkish industry with new technologies.

By taking globalisation steps with the UK office, we realise great effects in a short time. We continue to represent our country at the highest level at home and abroad. We have a dynamic team that keeps pace with the changing world, follows technological innovations with interest and applies them effectively in the field.

We carry out most of our project design activities with this expert team within our own organisation. While carrying out our projects, we aim to produce the most effective and economical solutions by offering maximum safety and optimum efficiency to our partners.