Ceiling Robot

As part of the most powerful robot series, Ceiling Robots are designed to adapt to a variety of workspaces while handling heavy loads with high precision. This mobile industrial robot model can be ceiling mounted to adapt to confined spaces. Working from above allows it to maximise usable space, eliminate the risk of collisions when working with large workpieces or perform welding applications from the perfect angle. A work cell that is not suitable for ceiling or wall mounting requires a solution that can fulfil such needs. With its reversible capacity, it can be ceiling mounted, adding flexibility to narrow cell designs. This clever feature allows multiple robots to work in close proximity to each other with shorter cycle times. With a 220kg heavy payload capacity, this mobile industrial robot is capable of handling large workpieces while ceiling-mounted. Its strong wrist gives it the chance to reach high levels of precision. Excellent cable protection when suspended, preventing tripping and tangling thanks to the services integrated in the arm. This frees it from restrictive cables and gives it the flexibility required for high levels of performance.

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