What is a Robot?

First of all, a robot is not a human being and cannot replace a human being on its own. When we think of robots, we all think of humonoid robots like Sofia or robots that we use in house cleaning, but most robots are used in the industry worldwide. When you think of a robot, you can think of a device that provides more human muscle power, that people will have difficulty or cannot do ergonomically, and that performs the ‘job’ defined to itself in the same period and with the same parameters, and therefore in the same way for the 100th time. Consider the car painting process in a factory. Only robots can paint a 2 metre high car with the same cc paint every time in the same second without swallowing paint dust. While it is not possible for a human to use a ladder to realise this, to keep the second every time and to apply the paint pump at the same dose, robots that never get psychologically disturbed, do not get sick and do not press their finger too much can do it for you.

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