Paint Solutions

As Nilus Engineering, we continue to pioneer in the field of paint applications. In addition to paint spraying, we prioritise customer satisfaction with our different techniques such as immersion and high voltage, and bring your products together with perfect visuality and functionality. Now you can reflect the perfect image in your head to your products with our innovative techniques by contacting us.



You can transform your coating with special gloss and colour options by reaching more durable and environmentally friendly paint alternatives with our innovative technologies and techniques, and you can choose from different alternatives with our methods such as paint spraying, dipping and high voltage.


We bring together your processes such as fuselage painting and part coating, which play a major role in protecting aircraft and perfecting their appearance, with our state-of-the-art paint techniques and offer you the paint solutions of the future.

White Goods

With our paint solutions, we help you to make the external coatings of white goods against rust and internal coatings against bacteria, while aiming for aesthetic perfection, we help your products shine like a star by standing out among competing products.

With our environmentally friendly paint solutions, you can contribute to a more sustainable future by reducing the use of harmful chemicals and increase your efficiency in the long term by reducing the maintenance cost of your products against external factors. At the same time, you can stand out from your competitors and take your products and services one step further by taking advantage of special customisation opportunities thanks to our different options.





We are behind you at every point with the solutions we offer. If you encounter an obstacle in your processes, you can contact us on our WhatsApp line and get support. As Nilus Engineering, we look forward to introducing you to the world of the future with our many years of experience.