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We provide our employees with the opportunity to work from home for 2 days a week as part of employee satisfaction.

2023-10-17 20:43:29

We opened Our Eskişehir Office!

Nilus Engineering continues to expand nationwide! Our Eskişehir office officially opened on May 10, 2023. We take pride in continuing to serve you in more cities.

2023-10-26 16:53:38

brand week istanbul

Nilus Engineering, a global player in robotics, automation, electric, and consultancy technologies, is participating in one of the world’s leading conferences, the Brand Week Istanbul 2022, in Istanbul, Turkey on Nov 7-11. Nilus exhibits in the fair event with its reliable works, fast solutions, and innovative vision.

2022-11-04 17:23:42


A meeting was held with Melis, the first Turkish employee of our UK office, before her visit to the UK. Melis Öztürk, who we believe will represent us successfully, is in the UK to complete the final work before the office opening.

2022-10-11 14:50:13

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